Issue 172

January 22, 2012

This week… 1964 commits, in 174 projects, by 203 happy hackers (and 247 were translation commits).

  • Maciej Piechotka added a ArrayQueue data structure to libgee.
  • Patches from Christophe Fergeau to port sound-juicer to musicbrainz4 have landed at last.
  • In Banshee AndrĂ©s Aragoneses split RockBox support co into its own class.
  • Krzesimir Nowak changed rygel to append extensions to served files.
  • Bastien Nocera added support for pairing the iCade into gnome-bluetooth.
  • Shaun McCance improved Yelp by making Mallard documents auto-reload on changes.
  • In Tomboy Aaron Borden fixed template syncing. (GNOME bug 665679)
  • In gnome-contacts Alexander Larsson added support for changing the primary address book.
  • Zeeshan Ali changed gnome-boxes to add devices based on what is supported by the OS; the information about device support comes from libosinfo. (GNOME bug 666739)
  • Matthias Clasen added optional systemd support to gnome-packagekit, to make it use systemd instead of ConsoleKit for rebooting. (GNOME bug 666788)
  • Joseph Scheuhammer contributed a dialog for zoom options into the universal access control center panel. (GNOME bug 643086)
  • David Zeuthen merged his udisks2 port of gnome-disk-utility.
  • In GLib Dan Winship added multicast-related functions to GSocket. (GNOME bug 626589)
  • Alexia Death added axis labels to dynamics curves and curveview in Gimp.
  • Patricia Santana Cruz added videos and picture sharing support, via nautilus-sendto, to Cheese. (GNOME bug 522210)

Top projects

Project Commits
clutter 151
gtk+ 139
epiphany 86
evolution 64
glib 64
gnome-shell 57
gnome-contacts 56
libgda 47
gnome-bluetooth 45
gnome-control-center 38

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Emmanuele Bassi 135 clutter, gnome-shell
Daniel Mustieles 75 pan2, gnome-games, anjuta and others
Matthew Barnes 75 evolution, evolution-data-server, gnome-video-arcade and others
Bastien Nocera 74 gnome-bluetooth, gnome-control-center, gnome-settings-daemon
Matthias Clasen 69 gtk+, glib, gconf and others
Colin Walters 62 ostree, linux-user-chroot, gjs and others
Alexander Larsson 62 gnome-contacts, gtk+, glib and others
Xan Lopez 62 epiphany
David Zeuthen 52 gnome-disk-utility, gvfs
Cosimo Cecchi 49 nautilus, epiphany, gnome-documents and others