Issue 194

June 24, 2012

This week… 1377 commits, in 160 projects, by 197 happy hackers (and 247 were translation commits).

  • Christian Hergert changed gnome-desktop to draw monitor labels with rounded corners. (GNOME bug 591025)
  • In gcr Stef Walter reworked how DER pasing works.
  • Alexander Larsson added fast approximations of x2.4 and x(1/2.4) to speed up gamma conversion in babl. (GNOME bug 678318)
  • Lionel Landwerlin added touch events support in Clutter. (GNOME bug 678278)
  • In dia Hans Breuer fixed some SVG import error.
  • Seif Lotfy changed Empathy to show popular contacts in the “Top Contacts” group. (GNOME bug 678083)
  • Giovanni Campagna updated gnome-shell to sort wifi networks by strength. (GNOME bug 658946)
  • Carlos Garcia Campos landed the WebKit2 port of Epiphany.
  • Aurimas ńĆernius added a WebDav sync addin to gnote.
  • In gnome-disk-utility David Zeuthen added a settings dialog for power management and acoustic levels.
  • In gnome-control-center Thomas Bechtold contributed the possibility to find connections for a specific MAC address. (GNOME bug 677899)
  • Giovanni Campagna ported the clock from gnome-panel to modern GNOME technologies (gsettings, new libgweather, GDateTime). (GNOME bug 677512)
  • Paolo Bacchilega changed file-roller to be able to run as a D-Bus service as well (org.gnome.ArchiveManager1).

Top projects

Project Commits
clutter 71
file-roller 62
vala 57
evolution 53
gtk+ 51
evolution-data-server 51
glib 50
gnome-shell 40
cogl 35
gnome-control-center 33

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Matthew Barnes 65 evolution-data-server, evolution, evolution-ews and others
Emmanuele Bassi 56 clutter, clutter-gtk, glib
Paolo Bacchilega 56 file-roller
Colin Walters 45 glib, ostree, gnome-ostree and others
Tom Tryfonidis 45 gnome-panel, file-roller, glom and others
Jasper St. Pierre 39 alacarte, gnome-initial-setup, extensions-web and others
Daniel Mustieles 36 evolution, gnome-games, jhbuild and others
Bastien Nocera 29 totem, gnome-control-center, gnome-desktop and others
Cosimo Cecchi 28 gnome-shell, evolution, gnome-themes-standard and others
Christian Hilberg 27 evolution-kolab, evolution-data-server, gnomeweb-wml