Issue 202

August 19, 2012

This week… 2117 commits, in 193 projects, by 242 happy hackers (and 481 were translation commits).

  • In libsecret Stef Walter added an extensive manpage for the secret-tool utility. (GNOME bug 681434)
  • Kevin Anthony added CanSetFullscreen and Fullscreen properties to the MPRIS support of Banshee, bringing it to version 2.2 of the standard. (GNOME bug 681890)
  • Jesse van den Kieboom added support for smooth scroll to gedit textsize plugin.
  • In gnome-backgrounds Jakub Steiner pushed a new set of images, to refresh the set of extra wallpapers.
  • Meg Ford added a new Properties dialog to gnome-documents.
  • Alexander Larsson converted EggListBox from vala to C.
  • Ondrej Holy contributed support for “natural scroll” to the mouse gnome-settings-daemon plugin. (GNOME bug 659498)
  • Vivien Malerba migrated libgda from libgnome-keyring to libsecret.
  • Arth Patel replaced the lex/bison parser of gcalctool by a new hand-written parser.
  • John Stowers made it possible for gnome-tweak-tool to configure shell extension preferences.
  • Behdad Esfahbod merged his harfbuzz (a text shaping library) branch into pango.
  • In evolution-ews Milan Crha implemented the “Subscribe to folder of other user” feature.
  • William Jon McCann pushed a new background panel into gnome-control-center. (GNOME bug 676539)
  • Marc-André Lureau added a GNOME Shell search provider for gnome-boxes. (GNOME bug 681246)
  • Felix Riemann added a new plugin to eog to disable the use of the dark theme variant. (GNOME bug 675918)

Top projects

Project Commits
cogl 169
gnome-shell 116
gnome-clocks 87
gnome-themes-standard 71
nautilus 60
evolution 58
glib 57
gnome-boxes 52
nemiver 52
gtk+ 50

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Fran Diéguez 93 file-roller, cogl, gnome-control-center and others
Neil Roberts 64 cogl
Cosimo Cecchi 64 gnome-themes-standard, gnome-documents, gnome-photos and others
Matthew Barnes 63 evolution-data-server, evolution, evolution-ews and others
Sandeep Sheshrao Shedmake 59 nautilus, gnome-color-manager, gtk+ and others
Debarshi Ray 50 gnome-photos, gnome-shell, gnome-online-accounts
William Jon McCann 49 nautilus, gnome-control-center, gdk-pixbuf and others
Alexander Larsson 48 gnome-contacts, egg-list-box, gnome-boxes
Frederic Peters 43 library-web, jhbuild, releng and others
Robert Bragg 38 cogl