Ok, a small, yet irritating, dark could is hanging over my
new SGI/Red Hat XFS system. The problem is with devfs,
which I think is a great thing technically, but current
practical limitations give me a headache. I even emailed
the devfs creator Richard Gooch who replied back to me the
same day. And even though I am gratefull for Richard taking
the time to answer a email from a end-user like myself, he
confirmed my theory that I need to make some sort of script
which recreates my /dev nodes for the drivers I need
which /devfs currently doesn’t support. This is mainly the
sounddriver and the commercial NVIDIA driver in my case.

So now I am pondering wether to: a) try to figure out
how to
make such a script or b) simply reinstall to basic RH7.1
again. Making such a script would probably be a good
learning experience and it would allow me to keep my cool
bleeding edge devfs/XFS system. The downside is that I
don’t really want to spend a couple of evenings researching
how to do it. I guess the compromise here is just to try to
find some examples scripts online or some sort of howto, if
I find that I go for the script making solution, if not I
go for the reinstall.

The GNOME.no team is meeting for a couple of beers in
Oslo today. We will join up at Cafe SjakkMatt at 1900, then
probably move on to somewhere which has outdoor serving
(with just 3 months of summer each year we have to use them
to the maximum :). We have a nice growth rate going from 3
persons the last time to 5 this time. Guess we
have to start make reservations soon for our gatherings :)

The meeting is mostly a social event, but we also have to
decide wether to register as a foundation or an volunteer-
organisation. While it would be nice to register as a
foundation like GNOME international is, it do put some
extra work on our hands which includes such stuff as
writing laws and sending in a yearly financial statement
even if we have no money transactions. If we just register
as a volunteer-organisation things are much less formal.
Could be that there are some good financial/practical
reasons for becoming a foundation in Norway, but I have
failed to discover what that is unless you plan on making
it a business-venture of some sort.

I have now succesfully migrated my computer setup from basic
RH7.1 to the SGI XFS version of RH7.1. Well, kinda
succesful. The SGI setup used devfs which if for no other
reason than my infamilarity and lack of support in the
Redhat configuration tools have been causing me some
problems. The main problem is that I am at the moment unable
to setup my soundcard and nvidia card properly since the
configuration setup seems to be nullified by devfs each time
I reboot. So I am using the bundled nv driver at the moment
are rerun the rh sound setup tool whenever I want sound.
Guess I have to read up on devfs and how to get things
working with it. XFS on the other hand, which was the reason
I did this, works perfectly so far.

Also got my GUADEC 2 summary ready and posted so those
interested can find it at Linuxpower

My first ever GNOME-summary is going up this evening, which
I hope will be well recieved. I also hope to get some other
writing tasks going, mainly cleaning up my GUADEC2 report
and finishing my Jim Getty’s interview.

As soon as that is done I guess I need to make arrangements
for more interviews :), problem is that summer is finally
arriving and I have to admit that I prefer spending my
summerdays and evenings doing other things than poke at my

Long time without a diary entry, but then again it has been
slow weeks for me at least Linux-wise. Haven’t done
anything really productive for 3 weeks now I think, just
working and hanging out with friends, preparing the
sailboat for summer etc.

I have started writing a the GNOME summaries with the first
one planned up on sunday/monday. Me and Steve George will
take turns doing it so hopefully between us we can manage
to keep a weekly schedule. Thanks to Havoc for asking me to
start doing them.

Women problems again. Don’t understand why really. It is
not that I have a problem meeting women, but for some
reason the women who are attracted to me I don’t find
attractive, and on the other side the women I do find
attractive are usually not attraced to me. Aargh its so

Strange how some things really gets to you, because when you
try to think about them objectivly you can’t see why the
events meant so much to you. Guess the small signs of
communication sometimes lead you to get more emotionally
involved in another person than what is objectivly warranted.

jaq wrote:

As for #gnome, it was middle of the night UK
time, so I’ll give you that. The thing that irked me was
that conversation occurred around my question, and yet
there was no ACK that people didn’t know the answer. Is
that a trait of the channel? Here in .au, people tend to
give a NAKs as often as ACKs. Maybe I’ll come and lurk for
a while.

Unfortunatly I have to say it seems to be a trait for
the channel, at least sometimes. I think part of the
problem is that #GNOME is to big so most people with the
know-how don’t really follow the discussion but only
responds when adressed directly.

There are some people responding though
Telsa being probably the best at it. And I
try to respond myself sometimes, but I too tend to focus on
other channels most of the time so when my name is not
being addresed I often miss questions being asked.

My suggestion is trying the smaller channels on GIMPNET
since there are a much better chance of getting a reponse
there. Another alternative is if you now the handle of the
maintainer of the module you wonder about so you can try to
address him/her directly.

Anyway if your questions don’t
get answered and I am in the channel, try typing in my
handle (Uraeus) and I will try to help. I seldom now the
answer, but I usually know who you should ask :)

Hmm, seems my Berlin interview was linked to from Slashdot
anyway. Guess Infodragon wrote a better submission than me.
Getting lots of good feedback on my interview, seems people
think they are well done.

Mailed with Bart today, due to the changes at Eazel we are
redoing the interview from scratch. Hope
crudman don’t scream when he realizes the
hard editing on that interview is now redundant ;(

The Abiword interview with cinamod will
go up later this week, so things will keep flowing on
Linuxpower until the new Eazel interview is ready.

I have also made arrangements with Borland for an interview
about Kylix, GNOME etc. Now all I need is sit down and come
up with good questions :)

Not been able to much Linux related stuff this last week as
work continued to take most of my time. Saw Crouching tiger,
hidden dragon
at the cinema last night. Definetly
something I recommend you go and see.

On the Linuxpower front I things have been a little slow
now. The Berlin interview is submited for publication but
katzj is hasn’t gotten around to do so
yet. The Abiword interview I got back from
crudman after he having edited it today so
I will put his fixes into the interview and mail Dom for
final approval. The Eazel interview was held back due to the
recent changes at Eazel, but will probably go up sometime
next week.

rakholh I am have trouble seeing why you
are disgusted by those comments. What the Taliban are doing
is due to some twisted perversion of Islam, hence they are
Islamic nuts. Face it, there are nuts in all religions.
Unfortunatly at this point in time Islamic nuts have more
political and military power in their core areas than their
Christian counterparts, and hence the power to do more damage.

That said, I do for instance feel that Christian nuts
have to much power in the US for instance, and have a
genuine hope that they are reduced to fringe groups there
like they are in most of Europe. Unfortunatly with Bush in
the White House I feel that this cause has been set back

Been out a couple of days with a bad back. I woke up on
monday with extreme back pains, which didn’t start to go
away until wednesday. Stayed in bed/on coach most of the
week which did not fit in well with my work schedule, but
what could I do.

Anyways I got my Eazel interview cleaned up today and mailed
of for editing. Also got a mail from
ErikLevy about his upcomming review of the
bindings, really looking forward to that.

Also as many of you probably have seen, my GStreamer
interview went live earlier this week. Was a smashing success ;)