Issue 29

April 26, 2009

This week… 2205 commits, in 220 projects, by 230 happy hackers (and 267 were translation commits).

  • Still in the aftermath of the Git migration, 189 commits were about DOAP files and JHBuild got his Git support quite improved.
  • Empathy now displays the transfer speed in its file transfer dialog. (GNOME bug 580097)
  • Meld has added support for SVK. (GNOME bug 416418)
  • Epiphany was fixed to use GNOME settings for the default font sizes, instead of the WebKitGTK+ defaults.
  • The libgnomeui dependency was removed from both the GStreamer Properties and the Media Profiles in gnome-media.
  • Peter Bloomfield ported the Balsa mail client to use GMime 2.4.
  • In evolution-data-server, Rob Branford ported libedata and libebook to D-Bus in the D-Bus branch, and Philip Withnall converted the Google calendar backend to use the external libgdata in the libgdata-port branch.
  • David Zeuthen commited his GDBus work in a new gdbus branch of glib; and Dan Winship merged his GResolver (a glib-ish interface to DNS) branch into glib (and blogged about it). (GNOME bug 548466)
  • Nautilus now use g_timeout_add_seconds instead of g_timeout_add where appropriate (GNOME bug 574033); also Deprecated GTK+ symbols were removed. (GNOME bug 565038)
  • Shaun McCance pushed his Mallard branch to the gnome-doc-utils repository.
  • GNote, the Tomboy Gtkmm clone, got support for Add-ins. (GNOME bug 578980)

Top projects

Project Commits
empathy 209
gnome-doc-utils 92
tracker 82
jhbuild 75
rygel 73
gnumeric 55
gnote 47
evolution-data-server 46
passepartout 46
libgdata 42

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Shaun McCance 95 gnome-doc-utils, yelp, gnome-user-docs and others
Xavier Claessens 88 empathy
Olav Vitters 76 gnomeweb-wml, bugzilla-newer, brasero and others
Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) 61 rygel
Philip Withnall 58 libgdata, evolution-data-server, almanah and others
Morten Welinder 49 gnumeric, libgsf, goffice and others
Jorge Gonzalez 45 damned-lies, empathy, gnome-games and others
Frederic Peters 45 jhbuild, library-web, empathy
Hubert Figuiere 44 gnote, niepce, glibmm and others
Sven Herzberg 43 passepartout