Issue 30

May 3, 2009

This week… 2031 commits, in 193 projects, by 245 happy hackers (and 290 were translation commits).

  • The App monitoring module landed in gnome-shell, it will be used to provide things like “Recent Apps”. (GNOME bug 570899).
  • The Evolution external editor plugin has been updated to behave like the kmail equivalent, the normal evolution mail composer is now displayed, and the external editor starts whenever the user types something in the body. (GNOME bug 567145)
  • Jody Goldberg improved Gnumeric xlsx format parsing, adding basic support for external references.
  • Yelp can now display simple text files. (GNOME bug 565502)
  • Passepartout, the revived desktop publishing application, got its internationalisation support completed, making all the diealogs properly translatable.
  • Tomboy printing support was rewritten to 1) wrap very long lines and 2) partially render paragraphs at the end of pages.
  • Empathy gained a menu entry to display its file transfer manager. (GNOME bug 574626)
  • Rhythmbox got support to read cover art embedded in media files (for local files only). (GNOME bug 345975)
  • The GNOME sound recorder saw its libgnome/libgnomeui dependency removed. (GNOME bug 567310)
  • Davyd Madeley rebased David Zeuthen resolution independance private git-svn branch against the real GTK+ repository, and published it into a new “resolution-independence” branch.
  • Finally, deprecated GTK+ symbols were removed from a bunch of modules: vino, gnome-system-tools, gok and gnome-media/grecord.

Top projects

Project Commits
evolution 95
ekiga 89
seed 68
gnumeric 59
passepartout 59
jhbuild 53
gtk+ 41
banshee 37
gnio 36
tracker 35

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Michael Biebl 122 network-manager-openconnect, network-manager-pptp, network-manager-openvpn and others
Julien Puydt 82 ekiga
Jorge Gonzalez 82 evolution, gnome-applets, eog and others
Robert Carr 62 seed
Matthew Barnes 60 evolution, evolution-data-server, gnome-video-arcade and others
Sven Herzberg 59 passepartout
David Zeuthen 54 gtk+, gvfs, glib and others
Vincent Untz 51 planet-web, gnome-desktop, pessulus and others
Frederic Peters 47 jhbuild, library-web, libpanelappletmm
Morten Welinder 44 gnumeric, goffice