Issue 43

August 2, 2009

This week… 2195 commits, in 186 projects, by 288 happy hackers (and 328 were translation commits).

  • Now that gnome-doc-utils and yelp both have support for Mallard documents, Milo Casagrande converted gnome-hello documentation to the new format.
  • After some discussion on the gnomecc list the default toolbar style has been changed to “Text beside items”.
  • Sabayon was changed to use Xephyr instead of Xnest, as Xephyr supports the “new” X extensions.
  • gnome-session has been fixed to not exit when the system bus restarts. (GNOME bug 583345)
  • A new “ssh” plugin appeared in vinagre, which is becoming a universal tool to access remote systems.
  • Robin Stocker added to Totem the functionality to remember the current position of a stream when pausing or closing. (GNOME bug 164918)
  • After Hylke Bons posted some thoughts on the font viewer Thomas Wood started implementing the proposed ideas, in the “font-viewer-revamp” branch of the GNOME Control Center.
  • Anjuta Git plugin gained an option to initialize new repositories. (GNOME bug 566698)
  • Finally, during this 10th week of the summer of code, students were hard at work, some noticeable advancements:
    • Paul A. Bellamy successfully implemented syncing and a properties dialog for MTP devices in Rhythmbox;
    • Neil Loknath added streaming to Banshee using Telepathy, you can now stream a contact’s music after downloading their library info;
    • Paulo Cabido merged the plugin engine with Getting Things Gnome main development branch.

Top projects

Project Commits
vinagre 159
gimp 90
anjuta 88
tracker 71
brasero 68
libchamplain 63
vala 62
nautilus-actions 57
evolution 48
gnome-commander 48

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Jonh Wendell 126 vinagre, vino, gtk-vnc and others
Pierre Wieser 57 nautilus-actions
Philippe Rouquier 56 brasero
Vincent Untz 50 gnome-session, pessulus, libwnck and others
Daniel Nylander 49 gimp, evince, eog and others
Piotr Eljasiak 48 gnome-commander
Bastien Nocera 43 gnome-bluetooth, gnome-media, totem and others
Massimo CorĂ  43 anjuta, anjuta-extras
chrisb 41 rep-gtk, sawfish
Michael Natterer 41 gimp, gtk+

2 Responses to “Issue 43”

  1. Dread Knight Says:

    So what does Sabayon distro have to do with Gnome?

  2. fredp Says:

    Sabayon is (also) a system administration tool to manage GNOME desktop settings.

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