Issue 56

November 1, 2009

This week… 1906 commits, in 181 projects, by 237 happy hackers (and 363 were translation commits).

  • A full screen mode has been added to emerillon (GNOME bug 599764).
  • John Wendell fixed several memory leaks in Vinagre and gtk-vnc.
  • A new “Document License” tab has been added to Evince, it can display license information embedded in PDF files (GNOME bug 349173)
  • In GNOME Games, gnometris got renamed to quadrapassel (due to trademark concerns), and same-gnome to swell-foop (due to “GNOME” in the old name).
  • Support for group profiles has been added to Sabayon, thanks to Scott Balneaves.
  • GTK+ was updated to use standard Mac shortcuts on Mac OS X (Cmd-X, Cmd-C, etc.). (GNOME bug 530351)
  • Ignacio Casal Quinteiro ported gedit to GSettings, in the appropriately named gsettings branch of gedit; this is still a work in progress.
  • Thomas Thurman added a first theme using CSS to the cowbell branch of metacity, the theme is named Sunshine.
  • Peter Bloomfield marked important items in the balsa toolbars, so they work better with the new “text besides icons” default.
  • Andreas J. Guelzow added ODF compability function “SHEETS” to Gnumeric.
  • Matthew Barnes started porting Evolution from libglade to GtkBuilder.
  • Finally usage of libgnomevfs has been removed from gnome-pilot.

Top projects

Project Commits
gdm 190¹
kupfer 110
nautilus-actions 73
gtk+ 65
evolution 55
tracker 55
gimp 48
evince 46
metacity 46
gnumeric 40

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Ray Strode 178 ¹ gdm
Ulrik Sverdrup 97 kupfer
Pierre Wieser 69 nautilus-actions
Matthew Barnes 43 evolution, evolution-data-server, evolution-exchange and others
Jorge González 40 gnome-utils, sabayon, brasero and others
Thirumurthi Vasudeven 39 gnome-disk-utility, gimp, eog and others
Christian Persch 38 evince, totem, gucharmap and others
Thomas Thurman 37 metacity, glib
Emmanuele Bassi 34 json-glib
Morten Welinder 31 gnumeric, goffice, libgsf

¹: actually this commit count is wrong as the same branch is created and deleted several times, to get rebased, changing the commit identifiers along the way.

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