Issue 60

November 29, 2009

This week… 1770 commits, in 169 projects, by 229 happy hackers (and 274 were translation commits).

  • The GtkToolPalette widget, which provides a tool palette with categories, has been merged into gtk+ (GNOME bug 567729).
  • Ke Wang added D-Bus support to the Java ATK wrapper, so it can work with the new AT-SPI
  • Thorsten Sick added complete documentation to many of the (lib)seahorse files, and seahorse-plugins migrated from libglade to GtkBuilder.
  • Federico Mena Quintero added handling of the XF86RotateWindows hotkey to gnome-settings-daemon, to rotate a laptop display; this is for tablets that have a “rotate the screen” hotkey. It finds the laptop’s built-in video output and rotate it to the next available rotation.
  • Colin Walters ported GNOME Shell “AppWell” and panel to CSS. (GNOME bug 602131).
  • Anjuta and Brasero both moved code to use the GtkInfoBar widget introduced in GTK+ 2.18.
  • The way message parsing and escaping is handled in Empathy has been reworked to handle more cases of URL and smileys replacements.
  • The one-canvas branch of the GNOME Icon Theme has been merged to master, many impressive icons in there! (unfortunately it still needs a proper build system, see GNOME bug 602988)
  • Alexander Larsson commited GConverter to glib master, it is a generic interface for stateful conversions of data, it is a generic interface suitable for things like IConv, compression, decompression and regexp replacement. He posted to gtk-devel-list about it: GConverted commited.
  • Totem gained support for playing DVDs from images, it now shows mounted archives in the Movie menu.
  • David Zeuthen cleaned up the user interface of the SMART dialog of gnome-disk-utility. screenshot of cleaned up UI.
  • And Gian Mario Tagliaretti wrapped the API added in GIO 2.22 in pygobject.

Top projects

Project Commits
tracker 169
gtk+ 137
empathy 118
gnome-color-manager 59
gnome-games 57
evolution 53
brasero 52
hamster-applet 51
kupfer 48
glib 43

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Guillaume Desmottes 72 empathy
Philip Van Hoof 63 tracker
Mathias Hasselmann 62 gtk+
Richard Hughes 52 gnome-color-manager, gnome-packagekit, gnome-power-manager
Nils-Christoph Fiedler 51 gtk+, gnome-settings-daemon, damned-lies and others
Toms Bauģis 50 hamster-applet, billreminder
Philippe Rouquier 47 brasero
Bastien Nocera 46 sound-juicer, totem, gnome-bluetooth and others
Martyn Russell 41 gnomeweb-wml, tracker
Alexander Larsson 40 glib, nautilus, gvfs and others

PS: As it happens more and more that branches were created and deleted repeatedly, to get rebased, I finally adapted the script gathering commits to not count duplicated commits (when they are pushed the same week).

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