Issue 159

October 23, 2011

This week… 2348 commits, in 213 projects, by 251 happy hackers (and 434 were translation commits).

  • Damien Lespiau updated pinpoint to support 3gp files as video files.
  • In gparted Curtis Gedak added detection of exfat file systems (GNOME bug 639760) and the ability to resize btrfs file systems (GNOME bug 661715).
  • Marc-André Lureau started implemented the assistant pages to create machines in gnome-boxes.
  • Dan Winship fixed SoupMessage https status information to be set more reliably.
  • Now that GTK+ supports it, Cosimo Cecchi enabled transparency and rounded corners of tooltips in gnome-themes-standard.
  • Morten Welinder added a new resource manager into goffice.
  • In gnome-screensaver Martin Schmölzer fixed background scaling on multi-monitor setups. (GNOME bug 648193)
  • Philip Withnall added support for caching vCard parameters for contacts in folks telepathy backend.
  • Zeeshan Ali refactored rygel to more easily support client hacks, and added some for Panasonic TV.
  • Vincent Untz changed gnome-session to use whitelist/blacklist regexps when evaluating the active renderer. (GNOME bug 644325)
  • In yelp Shaun McCance added a share button to send a link to a help page.
  • Florian Müllner added context menus (with copy/paste actions) to some entries of gnome-shell. (GNOME bug 659275)
  • In gnumeric Andreas J. Guelzow added optional markers to indicate that cell content has been truncated. (GNOME bug 662149)
  • David King changed cheese to prefer the dark GTK+ theme variant. (GNOME bug 660628)

Top projects

Project Commits
glib 145
tracker 110
gnome-shell 86
cogl 77
empathy 68
evolution-data-server 60
seahorse 57
gnome-control-center 56
glom 56
gdm 54

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Cosimo Cecchi 80 nautilus, gnome-documents, gnome-themes-standard and others
Bastien Nocera 78 gnome-control-center, gnome-bluetooth, gnome-settings-daemon and others
Ryan Lortie 76 glib, dconf, gtk-doc
Matthias Clasen 69 glib, gdm, gtk+ and others
Javier Jardón 65 giggle, gimp, babl and others
Stef Walter 60 seahorse, gnome-keyring, libgnome-keyring and others
Murray Cumming 59 glom, libgda, glibmm and others
Christian Persch 52 librsvg, aisleriot, drwright and others
Robert Bragg 51 cogl, clutter
Mario Blättermann 48 gthumb, gnote, rygel and others