Ok, so after a lot of tweaking today I finally managed to get the DellA920 printer running with CUPS on our server and share the queues. Learned that there is still a lot that needs to be made better in the printing area. What made my job even harder is that we needed a special printer driver provided by Lexmark for the printer. For some reason so doesn´t the RedHat print config tool handle having new drivers added so I needed to use the Web Interface of cups to add the printer as that let me choose my new installed driver. The problem with the web interface however is that it doesn´t let you configure stuff like wether to allow browsing and from whom. I tried using the Red Hat tool for that, but the tool then just undid the setting I made in the web config which killed its usefullness.
After pulling my hair for a while I did some Googling and I found this rant by Eric Raymond. Seems he had much of the same issues I had with getting the thing running. The rant is actually a good read and points out the horror that is the current print setup utilities and docs. Anyway in his rant he did provide me with enough info to manually fix the cups file and voila the print queue popped up on my laptop too. Only downside being that it doesn´t pop up on some of the other computers without anyone understanding why.

Ok, so I tried sleeping in my appartment this weekend. A somewhat mixed experience. My main issue at this point is the lack of a good bed. The one I am sleeping on now is way to short for me which made it quite uncomfy for me to lie in it. Planning in fixing that soonish, in fact I am selling my Oracle shares now to have money to buy some really nice stuff for the appartment. Was planning on using the sailboat money for this, but I have a feeling that selling the sailboat will take some time.

The second issue is that my electrical power is kinda weak. Having a 10 amp fuse for the whole appartment is rather poor, proven by the power going everytime I try to wash my clothes (and have the fridge running at the same time). My landlord promised to fix this, hopefully he is able to do so without turning my appartment into a deathtrap.

Think I also have found a solution for getting my stuff down to Bcn from Oslo. I will buy an old truck in Oslo, drive it down and sell it. As long as the truck doesn´t shut down somewhere in the middle of europe that should be the cheapest solution.

Seems like I am also the main attraction for our demo stream currently. Hope that changes before the stream becomes public :)

Ok, so today I got myself an appartment in Bcn. It took a bit longer than I anticipated, but it worked out well in the end I think. I wanted an appartment walking distance to work and this apartment is in the house closest to the WTC which has appartments so I think I did well. Will take me 5 minutes to get to work in morning :) A tad better than the 1 hour thing I had in Norway.

Did some meetings today, one of phone and one in person. Thomas did a small presentation on the server which was great. Got a lot of good ammo when presenting the server to people, think we have a product that will seriously rock.

More work on the website. When I said yesterday it was done I meant that the first phase was done. Now the others have seen it and I have to fix a lot of stuff :) Gimp is giving me a hard time with fonts for some reason, but I think I managed to find a way to work around it.

Lots of stuff happening at work and I feel a bit thorn that I have not been able to do everything I wanted to do. For instance we have a new employee Alexia which it is partly my responsibility to help get started and I have really not been able to dedicate the time to her that I feel I should. On the other hand I feel that the other tasks I have been working on are time critical too….

Ok, so the website is finally done. Or actually it still needs me to read it over once again as it turned out to contain many weird sentences and bad spelling once fresh eyes took a look at it. Hopefully we manage to iron out the last nicks in that department tommorow so the website can go live. You tend to go blind when having looked and worked as much on the website as I have now. Saddest part is that I guess I spent almost as much time just fixing/creating graphics as actually writing content, but that is another story.

Thomas is currently pouring over the pages to clean up the code; guess ugly code doesn`t sit to well with him even for HTML :)

Also started my spanish lessons yesterday, although a bit embarassaing as I arrived late and left early. Probably didn`t impress anyone with a dedicated student image for that.

Also think I found myself an appartment finally today. Only negative thing is that I really hate some furniture there, but hopefully the owner is willing to remove it or at least let me throw it away. To make sure however I will be visiting another appartment tommorow, but I have a feeling I take the one I saw today. Hope it doesn` get rented by someone else in the meantime.