Issue 18

February 8, 2009

This week… 1751 commits, in 173 projects, by 183 happy hackers (and 462 were translation commits).

  • Glade added “commit” signal to allow custom editors to do command group/macros serialized around property changes; this will be used by Anjuta.
  • A “Removable Devices” plugin landed in nautilus-sendo (GNOME bug 453758)
  • Almost three years after 0.6.1, libcroco 0.6.2 has been tagged and released, incorporating many patches.
  • Epiphany (2.26 branch) got updated for yet another Mozilla API change (for Gecko 1.9.1 support).
  • In Pango Behdad Esfahbod again saved over 100 alloc calls when loading DejaVu Sans.
  • A new metacity branch (rpnparser) was created to host a possible RPN-based parser which is (slightly) faster and (hopefully) clearer than the existing one.
  • Empathy got a rewritten voice/video call support, using farsight2 instead of stream-engine.
  • Tomboy has been ported to GtkPrint, gnome-games is now the last module to use the deprecated libgnomeprint/ui library.
  • Seahorse has been updated to it only autostarts the daemon when sharing is enabled.
  • And Colin Walters merged the “statusmenu” branch into gnome-shell.

Top projects

Project Commits
empathy 68
gnome-games 56
seahorse 53
anjuta 50
ooo-build 38
brasero 38
evolution 32
gnome-keyring 32
tracker 30
quick-lounge-applet 30

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Jorge Gonzalez Gonzalez 59 anjuta, gnome-games, seahorse and others
Xavier Claessens (with commits from Alban Crequy, Sjoerd Simons, Will Thompson) 57 empathy
Clytie Siddall 54 gok, gtksourceview, deskbar-applet and others
Stefan Walter 52 gnome-keyring, seahorse
Manoj Kumar Giri 44 libgweather, nautilus, libgnomeui and others
Christopher Bratusek 42 sawfish, librep, rep-gtk
Daniel Nylander 39 gnome-user-docs, gnome-session, gtk+ and others
Torsten Schönfeld 37 perl-Glib, perl-Gtk2
Christian Persch 36 epiphany, gnome-games, evince and others
Paolo Bacchilega 36 quick-lounge-applet, file-roller, goobox