Issue 27

April 12, 2009

This week… 1245 commits, in 160 projects, by 183 happy hackers (and 277 were translation commits).

  • The 3.0 platform cleaning plan was announced and already beared a lot of results : baobab, hamster-applet, gcalctool and glchess got ported to GtkBuilder; brasero, the toolbar editor in libegg and yelp got rid of their glib and GTK+ deprecated symbols; gnome-mag migrated to gio/gvfs; and eog incorporated all it needef rom libart_lgpl, thus removing its dependency (GNOME bug 577940, GNOME bug 578219, GNOME bug 571868, GNOME bug 578304, GNOME bug 517732, GNOME bug 573023, GNOME bug 556808 and GNOME bug 556807, at least).
  • Also Matthew Barnes killed the deprecated html-editor component from gtkhtml2, getting rid of bonobo (GNOME bug 571743).
  • Several gnome-games (aisleriot, gnibbles, mahjongg, and iagno) were updated to use g_timeout_add_seconds where sensible. (GNOME bug 564202).
  • Vincent Untz improved his gnome-session patch, and commited the fix so that reboot and shutdown also leave the session properly, by letting apps exist before doing the real reboot/shutdown.
  • The GVFS FTP backend saw several fixes (including GNOME bug 520399, GNOME bug 573349).
  • Ignacio Casal Quinteiro added source code completion to GtkSourceView.
  • pygtk was changed to use numpy instead of Numeric, that was no longer maintained (GNOME bug 387544).
  • Empathy added a new presence selector widget, that incorporates a text field for quick setting of custom messages (GNOME bug 569449).

Top projects

Project Commits
vala 68
gtk+ 55
empathy 47
gnome-games 42
gegl 37
gnome-bluetooth 37
tracker 32
passepartout 32
evince 31
gtksourceview 27

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Simos Xenitellis 43 gtk+, gnome-power-manager, zenity and others
Xavier Claessens (with commits from Davyd Madeley, Jonny Lamb, Elliot Fairweather) 43 empathy
Bastien Nocera 37 gnome-bluetooth, nautilus-sendto, rhythmbox
Martin Nordholts 37 gegl
Jürg Billeter 33 vala
Matthias Clasen 32 gtk+, glib, gnome-control-center and others
Sandeep Shedmake 31 gimp, dia, gimp-ruby and others
Goran Rakic 30 evolution, evince, brasero and others
Philip Withnall 27 hitori, totem, almanah and others
Sven Herzberg 25 passepartout