Issue 88

June 13, 2010

This week… 2432 commits, in 191 projects, by 260 happy hackers (and 292 were translation commits).

  • Many modules started adopting GTK+ 3 (GNOME Desktop, GNOME Settings Daemon, GNOME Color Manager, GNOME Power Manager, GNOME Control Center, Goocanvas, Totem), sometimes keeping compatibility with GTK+ 2.x, (like VTE, gucharmap, GNOME Games, librsvg and GNOME Terminal).
  • Shaun McCance added “Copy Code Block” and “Save Code Black As” to code snippets in Yelp, he wrote about the feature in Yelp and the DOM.
  • The volume control “applet” has been changed to use symbolic icons (GNOME bug 614212), to complete this Jakub Steiner added such icons for microphone levels. (GNOME bug 621175)
  • Johan Dahlin added a “promise” module to gjs, to provide a better API for supporting asynchronous code. (GNOME bug 608450)
  • Grilo got a gravatar plugin, it is used to distribute an artist-avatar/author-avater attribute if either “artist” or “author” fields contain a valid email.
  • Totem has been updated to use a dark theme and symbolic icons. (GNOME bug 617921)
  • Ryan Lortie added dconf-editor to the dconf module.
  • Jonathan Matthew implemented the MPRIS D-Bus specification in Rhythmbox (GNOME bug 618520), MPRIS defines a common D-Bus interface for media players.
  • Harold Schreckengost contributed a new F-Spot topic based help.
  • Felix Kaser added a new “EmpathyLiveSearch” widget in Empathy, used to dynamically filter the main window contact list.
  • In GNOME Control Center Thomas Wood converted the display capplet to a settings panel.
  • Andreas J. Guelzow added a search function to the function selector of Gnumeric. (GNOME bug 495776)
  • In the GNOME Shell Florian Müllner added a fade effect when overing over items of the dash. (GNOME bug 620782)
  • Abderrahim Kitouni added a plugin to support Vala to Anjuta. (GNOME bug 620757)
  • William Jon McCann improved the performance of the GDM greeter (GNOME bug 621045)
  • In Summer of Code land, Alexander Saprykin wrote a tiny parser for CMML files, so libcmml won’t be necessary for chapter support in Totem; Yuvi Panda made photo, video and burst modes of Cheese work in his Vala port; Michal Hruby wrote a Rhythmbox plugin using Zeitgeist; and more.

Top projects

Project Commits
gdm 181
tracker 162
gtk+ 114
f-spot 87
glib 81
nautilus 77
ease 75
jhbuild 72
nautilus-actions 63
gobject-introspection 46

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
William Jon McCann 110 gdm, gnome-media
Bastien Nocera 72 nautilus, gtk-engines, nautilus-sendto and others
Nate Stedman 69 ease
Ruben Vermeersch 69 f-spot, hyena, banshee
Pierre Wieser 60 nautilus-actions
Ray Strode 58 gdm, gnome-settings-daemon
Jürg Billeter 56 tracker, vala, glib
Cosimo Cecchi 53 nautilus, gtk+
Matthias Clasen 53 gtk+, glib, libgnomekbd and others
Adrien Bustany 52 tracker

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  1. I really love these reports, makes following the project easier if you’ve been away a week or so. Keep up the sweet work!

  2. Jens Knutson Says:

    I agree with Andreas, thee are really helpful. Thanks!

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