Issue 93

July 18, 2010

This week… 3273 commits, in 181 projects, by 295 happy hackers (and 427 were translation commits).

  • Toms Bauģis added to hamster he possibility to click on a time bar in the overview to get to the detailed day view. (GNOME bug 623872)
  • The Bastard Mode option of Quadrapassel has been renamed to “choose difficult blocks”, but it’s still a real bastard.
  • Fernando Herrera added Mallard documentation to Dots, the interactive braille transcribing application.
  • The calendar backend in evolution-mapi has been made fully asynchronous.
  • Thomas Wood added region and city comboboxes to the new date and time control center panel.
  • Aleksander Morgado contributed a feature to enable or disable selected books in devhelp. (GNOME bug 619202)
  • Nate Stedman replaced the system() call by the usage of libarchive when saving documents in Ease.
  • GThumb has been updated to preserve the EXIF data after lossless rotations.
  • Vinagre has been migrated to GtkApplication. (GNOME bug 596733)
  • Arx Cruz added a new password dialog to Zenity.
  • The three-point-oh branch of cheese has been merged, rewriting Cheese in Vala and making advantage of Clutter.
  • Paolo Bacchilega ported file-roller to use GSettings.
  • Seed has been updated to build against the gtk 2 or gtk 3 versions of WebKit, at user choice.
  • John Stowers created a gtk-3.0 branch of pygtk, to prepare a pygtk version that, while not based on gobject introspection, would still be a step towards GNOME 3.
  • Aaron Bockover changed the Amazon proxy URIs of Banshee to some supporting geo-IP redirection, redirecting users to the Amazon stores appropriate for their countries.
  • Benjamin Otte has been working hard on the “rendering-cleanup” branch of GTK+ 3, chopping much of the old drawing system, where cairo usage is more appropriate now.
  • In GSOC land, Dragos Dena finished the snippets editor for Anjuta, Jamie Nicol almost finished implementing radio playback in Rhythmbox, Luca Invernizzi completed the couchdb backend of Getting Things GNOME, and others also worked, of course…

Top projects

Project Commits
monkey-bubble 681 [1]
gtk+ 288
tracker 269
cheese 71
nemiver 68
banshee 62
pygtk 61
f-spot 54
grilo-plugins 54
evolution-data-server 54

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Martin Baulig 318 [1] monkey-bubble
Javier Jardón 135 gtk+, caribou, rygel and others
Benjamin Otte 107 gtk+, jhbuild
Philip Van Hoof 87 tracker
Jürg Billeter 86 tracker, vala
Aleksander Morgado 85 tracker, devhelp
Frederic Peters 78 jhbuild, devhelp, gnome-nettool and others
John Stowers 63 pygtk, pygobject
Kjartan Maraas 62 monkey-bubble, evolution-data-server, evolution and others
Dodji Seketeli 60 nemiver

This is an artefact of monkey-bubble importing libgnome and libgnomeui history to get a copy of gnome-scores.c