Issue 165

December 4, 2011

This week… 2239 commits, in 150 projects, by 214 happy hackers (and 137 were translation commits).

  • Heinrich Müller added flagging of individual articles in Pan. (GNOME bug 651307)
  • Mario Sanchez Prada replaced the adblock epiphany extension by a port of Midori adblocker, which is compatible with the EasyList subscriptions for “AdBlock Plus”. (GNOME bug 660154)
  • Dan Winship added server-side session cache support to glib-networking gnutls backend. (GNOME bug 636574)
  • Colin Walters updated gnome-settings-daemon to monitor for gnome-shell presence, and update the Gtk/ShellShowsAppMenu property accordingly.
  • Vibha Yadav contributed support for delegation in evolution-ews. (GNOME bug 656376)
  • In gnome-screensaver Antoine Jacoutot implemented OpenBSD authentication using bsd_auth (instead of PAM). (GNOME bug 651554)
  • Seif Lotfy added a new dashboard plugin to gedit, it displays a grid of recently/most used files upon opening a new tab. (GNOME bug 663466)
  • Tom Tryfonidis contributed a redesign of the about: pages of Epiphany. (GNOME bug 665136)
  • Alan Knowles added an (experimental) xorg extension to seed.
  • In Orca Joanmarie Diggs added support for speech presentation of embedded object characters in WebKitGtk content.
  • Milan Crha added “Listen for server notifications” option to mail, address book, and calendar parts of evolution-mapi.
  • Rob Bradford added a first version of a “baremetal” backend for EGL on KMS to cogl.
  • Takeshi Kurosawa contributed support for basic vertical writing to librsvg. (GNOME bug 664533)

Top projects

Project Commits
gimp 343
pan2 220
gtk+ 191
glib 92
gnome-themes-standard 89
cogl 79
glom 72
tracker 65
vala 59
extensions-web 58

Top authors

Author Commits Modules
Mukund Sivaraman 189 gimp
Heinrich Müller 172 pan2
Matthias Clasen 100 gtk+, glib
Michael Natterer 81 gimp
Colin Walters 73 ostree, gtk+, gnome-settings-daemon and others
Murray Cumming 73 glom, gtkmm, java-libglom
Jasper St. Pierre 69 extensions-web, gjs, gnome-shell and others
Cosimo Cecchi 66 gtk+, gnome-themes-standard, gnome-control-center and others
Ryan Lortie 62 gtk+, glib
Lapo Calamandrei 58 gnome-themes-standard