GNOME Keyring Kills Babies

I’ve just downloaded the gnome-keyring-manager application, written for the GNOME Love effort, in order to see its new UI; along the way, I decided to give a look to the gnome-keyring library.

The more I look at gnome-keyring.h, the more I regret had having breakfast this morning.

Using gpointers all over the place, no GObjects, no signals and properties, basically impossible to bind it for the usage with other languages apart from C. It looks like someone took each point I dislike in the current GNOME-VFS implementation in order to build a library.

It’s utter madness, and lack of proper software engineering, that which drives this library; and its authors really did propose it for inclusion in the Developer Platform? For Sauron’ sake, do not include it!

I know it’s meant to be a private library, but please: we should try to enforce a certain coding policy for GNOME libraries, even private ones like this; as it is, gnome-keyring is something I’d like not to touch with a ten-feet pole.