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DBus Perl Bindings/2

After four hours straight of hacking, double-checking references, learning D-Bus and the intricacies of Perl XS programming, I have a preliminary draft of perl bindings for D-Bus. At the moment, they do nothing, since there isn’t much more than the … Continue reading

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After being in Florence with Marta for just about two days, I’ve received the “go ahead” from the gtk2-perl team, and committed my patch for the GKeyFile bindings (closing bug #301171). Now you can parse the .desktop files directly in … Continue reading

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Gtk2::Recent and recent-files

Gtk2::Recent status: Finally, the libegg/recent-files bindings for Perl hit the gtk2-perl CVS server (well, at least the authenticated CVS server; anonymous CVS should be updated in 24 hours). recent-files status: On a related note, I mailed James Willcox (the recent-files … Continue reading

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I began working on a perl binding for the key file parser inside Glib. I have an implementation almost ready, albeit not usable right now. I’d like to translate a key file structure to the more perlish equivalent of an … Continue reading

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gtk2-perl lives!/2

I put up some more content on the gtk2-perl wiki page, and Torsten Schoenfeld already helped fixing my typos (kudos, Torsten). So, I hit the gtk2-perl mailing list with the announcement of our wiki page.

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gtk2-perl lives!

I’ve put up a stub page for the gtk2-perl bindings on the Gnome Live! wiki. I’ll soon fill it up with pointers to developer resources, programs and tutorial. I’d like that every gtk2-perl developer use it for public coordination and … Continue reading

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DBus Perl Bindings

I’m the process of writing the Perl bindings for DBus, <ad-campaign-mode>the New! And! Improved! IPC mechanism, which is spreading throughout the entire Linux desktop scene</ad-campaign-mode>. Since I’m binding the GLib interface, the choosen namespace is DBus::Glib; I also plan to … Continue reading

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GConf’s User Interface

Last month I have found some time to hack again on the Gnome2::GConf module, the Perl bindings to GConf. IOI wrapped the GConfEngine low-level stuff, and rewrote the entire error handling layer. While I was at it, I began thinking … Continue reading

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