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Ride on a White Horse

Filed under the category: “useful programming tips for problems that bit my ass” The wise men from old said: Thou shalt not check if a directory or file existeth before creating it. Well, or something like that. I often see … Continue reading

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Rainbows and Pots of Gold

Of docked windows, bugs and the Dictionary applet One of the two major UI issues for the new Dictionary was the absence of the speller. Since that has been somewhat fixed, even if it still lacks some polish, I decided … Continue reading

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Davyd, the GTK+ Perl bindings come with documentation in the perldoc format (which works upon man); each object has its unique perldoc page, so if you need to know all the methods of the Gtk2::TreeView widget, all you have to … Continue reading

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Tides that I tried to swim against

gtk-recent: For those who missed the mail on gtk-devel-list, language-bindings and desktop-devel: Unfortunately, when importing the GtkRecent API in GTK+ I made a mistake and these two functions have been erroneously left inside the GtkRecentChooser interface API: gtk_recent_chooser_set_show_numbers() gtk_recent_chooser_get_show_numbers() These … Continue reading

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Shake Your Groove Thing

Still in Italy, for the next 48 hours at least The wedding went incredibly well: the ceremony itself was so short (twenty minutes) that I don’t remember much of it. We were married in a beautiful building in Milan, with … Continue reading

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