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Paint the Silence/2

Continuing the ongoing saga… Using the –silence hackery from Jacob Berkman I found a way to finally STFU at least libtool. In your add: changequote(,)dnl LIBTOOL=”\\$(QUIET_LT)${LIBTOOL}” changequote([,])dnl Add a Makefile.decls file to the root of your project, containing: QUIET_LT … Continue reading

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Rag And Bone

Usually, when writing bindings for a C library in a high level language, there’s a sweet spot where you have to leave the relative safety of an API similar to the library you are wrapping and the idiomatic correctness dictated … Continue reading

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Kingdom of Spain

Clutter: Today I released the first developers snapshot of Clutter 0.6 – Clutter 0.5.0. The full announcement is on the Clutter blog, and since it’s very long, I won’t copy and paste it here. You can grab 0.5.0 here; as … Continue reading

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