January Hymn

as usual, I’m pretty lame at blogging about what I do. I decided to break the silence ((on the blog; I barely shut up on Twitter)) because a couple of awesome things happened these final days of January.

gnome-utils: after years of neglect, and due to a spectacular sugar rush on Saturday, I took again a look at gnome-utils — and in an afternoon I ported the Dictionary to both GSettings and GtkApplication. the APIs are a breeze to use, and the amount of crappy code I wrote years ago before getting a bigger clue about GObject and GTK+ development has been reduced. kudos Ryan, and everyone else who worked on GSettings and G(tk)Application. depending on time constraints, either I or Cosimo (maintainer extraordinaire) will do a release today.

clutter: a bit earlier than expected, but today I just spun the first release of the stable cycle — 1.6.0. I’ll send you to the announcement on the Clutter blog for details — but I wanted to copy the “thanks” section on this blog, in order to give these people a token of my appreciation for their work in making this the best Clutter release as of yet:

Robert Bragg, Neil Roberts, Damien Lespiau, Elliot Smith, Chris Lord, Owen W. Taylor, Bastian Winkler, Tomeu Vizoso, Kristian Høgsberg, nobled, Lucas Rocha, Ole André Vadla Ravnås, Adel Gadllah, Alexandre Quessy, Andika Triwidada, Johan Bilien, Jussi Kukkonen, Piotr Drąg, Alejandro Piñeiro, Aron Xu, Colin Walters, Evan Nemerson, Giovanni Campagna, Maxim Ermilov, Mike Owens, Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy, Ray Strode, Rob Bradford, Roland Peffer, Stephen Kennedy, Viatcheslav Gachkaylo, muflone.

these guys rock my world, and if you use Clutter then they rock your world as well. so if you meet any of them, make sure you offer them a beer or a beverage of choice.