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Late Night Hacking

Another night of late hour hacking session. Trash applet I’ve hooked up a working version of Michiel’s trash applet; it now has a stub menu entry that recalls the online help, and I also added the possibility to open up … Continue reading

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Trash Applet

Skimming through the gnome-devel list, I found the announcement of a simple Trash applet for the GNOME panel, made by Michiel Sikkes (here‘s the site, with a screenshot). I think it’s a great idea: sometimes the Trash icon is simply … Continue reading

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Gnome2::Print (and future plans)

Gnome2::Print It’s been a long way, but in the end the Perl binding for libgnomeprint (and libgnomeprint-ui) has been finally completed. Hurray for me. :-) I’ve just committed the code that binds Gnome2::Print::Paper and its methods, inside the 0.93 release … Continue reading

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