Gnome2::Print (and future plans)


It’s been a long way, but in the end the Perl binding for libgnomeprint (and libgnomeprint-ui) has been finally completed. Hurray for me. :-)

I’ve just committed the code that binds Gnome2::Print::Paper and its methods, inside the 0.93 release of the Gnome2::Print module. I began maintaining this module the past august, soon after this email; soon after that, I began the Gnome2::GConf binding, that ended up inside the modules included inside the GNOME Platform Bindings. I’m proud of both, even though I rarely used the Gnome2::Print binding – I’m not really into printing data.


As soon as I return to own my life, after this semester’s finals, I’ll be able to begin working on a GStreamer Perl binding set. I already gave a preliminary look on this library, but didn’t really dig into it. I will also try and complete the GTK2-Perl tutorial, which is still missing a large chunk of chapters.