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All the Old Showstoppers

okay, new rule1: it’s okay to install a GObject property like this: pspec = g_param_spec_string (“title”, “Title”, “The title of the item”, NULL, G_PARAM_READWRITE); g_object_class_install_property (gobject_class, PROP_TITLE, pspec); instead of the usual way you see in other GObject-based libraries, where … Continue reading

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In the Mood

well, I failed at blagging each day of the User Experience hackfest, but mostly because of the sheer amount of discussions, designs and work done. during the first common session on monday we all decided to split off into four … Continue reading

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Flying Teapot

final checks and the usual ohmygodwhycan’tIfindanything mode before I take the flight to Boston for the User Experience hackfest organized by Owen, Federico and Vincent. Neil and I will be talking about Clutter, what it does, and what it can … Continue reading

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courtesy of Ulisse Perusin, Tweet now has a rocking icon. since 0.2 has been released, I’ve also added: a status icon to show error messages and the number of new statuses inside a tooltip; when clicking on it, it will … Continue reading

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Pogo Stick

apparently, some people — and I’m looking at you, Pippin — said that the Tweet repository is hard to find: you actually have to search in my blog. well, not anymore: Tweet on GNOME Live complete with a screenshot of … Continue reading

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Road to Somewhere

well, after eating my dog food for a while, it seems that Tweet is starting to get more useful. first of all, now Tweet has an authentication dialog which allows you to enter your username and password the first time … Continue reading

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Some Things Come From Nothing

json-glib: 0.6 is out! please: download it, test it, use it. as far as I know, it has been packaged for Debian unstable, and has entered the NEW queue (kudos to Rob Bradford, esquire and fine gentleman). debian: with the … Continue reading

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Sincerest Forms of Flattery

tidy: they say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery: the actual amount of code is quite small, and it’s already available in Tidy. challenges: Luca dared me into making a Clutter-based coverflow-like plugin for Rhythmbox, but it was … Continue reading

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Good Intentions/2

gtk+: I’ve been working again on the RecentManager and in trunk you’ll see some new stuff, namely: use GIO to determine the MIME type of a URI, on every platform supported use the file monitoring API to avoid polling the … Continue reading

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Being Luis Villa

iain‘s right: this is funnier than the history meme.

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