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The Engine Driver

Here we are again with the Dictionary hacking; I left my development trunk with barely enough time to close crashers and brown paper bags patchs, and now I’m finally able to return working on it. Here’s an interesting bug, about … Continue reading

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See You When You’re Fourty

Well, it seems I’m not a 0xteenager anymore. For the hexadecimal-impaired, today I’m 26 years old. Four more years to go before submitting an entry to the GNOME Ol’ Farts Club.

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Twist The Knife

Dear LazyWeb: I’m trying to clean up the python bindings for the next release of a GObject-based library, so I’m using pygtk and its codegen magic; unfortunately, being an incredibly bad program, I can’t see why or how it’s … Continue reading

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Song for Sunshine

I just made two releases for gnome-utils: the first is 2.16.2, another release in the stable branch, which fixes a couple of bugs in Baobab and Screenshot that were also fixed in HEAD and deemed important enough to be backported. … Continue reading

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Little Earthquakes

After two weeks without working on it, this evening I finally returned to GtkUnique and finished the bacon-like backend. Now, beside using D-Bus and Xlibs, you can use Un*x sockets as an IPC method to send a command to a … Continue reading

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