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Stinging Velvet

Clutter – If release 0.4 rocked hard, release 0.6 of Clutter will blow your mind away. Just to list some features landed in the past couple of weeks after ClutterScript got in: new event handling, borrowing from the W3C DOM … Continue reading

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Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

People often arrive on the #clutter channel1 with troubles building Clutter from SVN: dependencies, installation in non-common prefixes, etc. Luckily, GNOME has Jhbuild, which is easy to set up2 and also allows custom modulesets for handling dependencies inside a separate … Continue reading

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Today I committed to Clutter trunk ClutterScript, the initial support for defining the scenegraph using external files. You can think of it as the GtkBuilder equivalent for Clutter. During the 0.3 development cycle we considered using XML and JSON, and … Continue reading

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