California One Youth and Beauty Brigade

now, that was a title of a Decemberists song that I’d have never expected to use as a blog post title

I did announce it on foundation-list, given that it impacts my position on the Board of Directors of the GNOME Foundation, and I did a sneaky tweet as well, but I guess the blog (and Planet GNOME) is still the Old Fashioned Way™ to do these things — and seeing that Cosimo beat me to a punch, it’s worth saying that I have joined Endless Mobile as well.

my last blog post about my work life was a bit depressing, I guess; I received a ton of support and encouragement from many, many people — too many to thank effectively in the narrow margins of this blog. I did take the announced month off, and I was already on my way to recovery; then I met Matt, who told me about Endless, and what they were trying to do with GNOME, and I felt the absolute need to help them as much as I could. after all, aren’t we trying to make GNOME a viable proposition for OEMs and OSVs to take and put on their own devices? I’m sure we’ll be able to start telling the community at large more details about what we want to achieve, and how.

in the meantime, I expect to see people in San Francisco a bit more often (though I’m still going to be based on London for the foreseeable future), and I’ll obviously be at GUADEC in Brno.