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When the World Ends

I’m delaying my sleep time further on, after two hours on IRC discussing the gtk+ 3.x issues spawned by Miguel’s blog post, because there are a few points I’d like to make. discussion: the first, and foremost, is: let’s not … Continue reading

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Something on my back

dear, all-knowing and all-powerful lazyweb; what’s the reason why python segfaults1 with this error message: TypeError: Cannot create a consistent method resolution order (MRO) for bases Container, Scriptable when I’m trying to instantiate a python class inheriting from a C … Continue reading

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so, it turns out that the plans of releasing Clutter 0.8 right after GUADEC were a little bit on the conservative side, since Clutter 0.8.0 has been released thanks to all the contributors for bugs opened, patches written, tests performed … Continue reading

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this GUADEC has been quite a ride, and we’re just halfway through. gtk+: the gtk+ team meeting on tuesday went really well — and part of the discussion was incorporated in Kris always excellent State of the union talk. the … Continue reading

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the song from the Decemberists, not the city finally arrived at Istanbul with the rest of the OH gang. it has been quite a trip, with a massive delay at Heathrow caused by bad weather1. we landed around 2am local … Continue reading

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