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Time For Lovin’

You can see I’m listening to the Beastie Boys, right now In the last three days I’ve finally managed to resolve as fixed these GTK+ bugs: Bug 347375 – Not possible to set startup notification ID on a GtkWindow Bug … Continue reading

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GNOME 2.18 is out! Go and check it out! Obviously, the release of GNOME 2.18 means that we can now start working on 2.20 – after a well deserved beer. ;-)

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Of Angels And Angles

GtkApplication class: I’ve updated the application class page on the wiki. Now, it has an updated layout of the API (which is what I’m currently working on) and the design requirements it should fulfil. While writing it I had some … Continue reading

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Live Wire

Back from FOSDEM 2007, after a little detour in Helsinki. I’ve opened a bug for the places support in GtkFileChooser: #413076. Attached to it you’ll find a patch; it should be taken with a grain of salt: it’s still a … Continue reading

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