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GNOME Performance Love Day just ended. Bugs were filed, patches applied, applications profiled. A little step in the right direction for making GNOME faster. Thanks to everyone involved: you rock.

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Sunday will be the GNOME Performance Love Day! The idea was first proposed on the #performance channel, after seeing that some of the initial performance related issues were simply lacking a bitof man-power, and weren’t that difficult even for a … Continue reading

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Dictionary Applet/2

As I said on the gnome-utils mailing list, the GNOME Dictionary codebase sucks. Well, it sucks to the very end of it. It really shows its age (it’s more than 5 years old), and suffers of what I’m used to … Continue reading

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Dictionary Applet

With almost everyone in Boston, both the mailing lists and IRC channels are really quiet; feels a little weird – but I think it’s mostly envy for not being able to go to the other side of the pond and … Continue reading

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Profiling GMarkup – Take 2

Here we go again profiling GMarkup. Finally, I’ve been able to compile sysprof, and launch a profiling session of the BookmarkFile parser under it. This time, I’ve been using a 1.6MB file, with 3360 bookmark elements. Just to shed a … Continue reading

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Today I had a couple of hours to spare at the university, so I decided to implement a couple of items in my “to do” list. The first is the creation of a simple function for adding items to the … Continue reading

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