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Time to Build

Claudio did some interesting profiling (and patching) of the BookmarkFile implementation in GLib — so kudos to him and Felix. one thing that he noted is: However, I still have the feeling that letting ~\.recently-used.xbel grow without control is very, … Continue reading

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some final thoughts on the Hackfest: it has been a great opportunity for discussing with all the usual suspects and more, and on a very high bandwidth channel — unlike IRC or the mailing list. definitely, an experience that must … Continue reading

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last post of the Berlin Hackfest series, written on the last minutes of day 5 today was “wrap up” day. we got together in the room used for the presentations and summed up all our work during the various sessions … Continue reading

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second and third day of the hackfest, edited on day five on tuesday, Behdad and I started working on OpenGL integration inside GTK+. as stated multiple times on the Bugzilla entry, what we both would like is a Cairo-like integration … Continue reading

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day two of the gtk+ hackfest. yesterday was devoted to the Imendio vision of a better toolkit, and how to get out of the hole we dug for ourselves with the current API/ABI contract – but others have written about … Continue reading

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just landed in Berlin, for the GTK+ Hackfest. At the moment, I’m hanging out in the dbus/gsettings/gdata/gtkapplication room with desrt, MacSlow, gicmo, chpe and herzi waiting for somebody (and I’m looking at you, behdad) with a key for my room … Continue reading

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Let It Take You

Murray, just a short reply to your points: I sometimes feel I’d like to just put actors on a rail, twist that rail about, connect some actors together with struts or springs, start them moving, let the user push and … Continue reading

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About JSON-GLib: things have gone quiet on that front, but lately I’ve resumed working on it1. I decided to try the new GLib test framework that has landed in the 2.15 cycle; GLib and GTK+ are both already using it, … Continue reading

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The Laws Have Changed

This week I got an invite for trying out Github beta. Github is a nice service providing some space and tools to set up git repositories for open source projects. Obviously, setting up HTTP (dumb) read-only git repos is doable … Continue reading

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