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Lazy loading

Little post about a useful design pattern in GLib and GTK, written down after a question on the #gtk+ channel While I’m not Philip and I won’t go as far as talking about this in public, I wrote down a … Continue reading

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The API has landed

The GtkRecent code is finally in gtk+ HEAD branch. A couple of things are still missing, mostly documentation and examples (the exact list is here, if you want to check). The code needed a year to take shape (I was … Continue reading

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Seems that I’m being syndacated… aggregated… whatever… on a Planet, so hi! I’m starting merging the GBookmarkFile parser into my local copy of GLib’s HEAD branch (the tracker bug is #327662). I’ve created a testb suite and a bunch of … Continue reading

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Long time, no blog. Here’s a brief recap of what happened in the last three weeks: Matthias Clasen has began reviewing the Recent Documents code, and we are planning to get it merged beginning next week; I sent a recap … Continue reading

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Gnome-utils 2.13.95 – “Escape Velocity”

Seems like I forgot to announce the new release of gnome-utils; actually, this week-end I had a bad cold (I’m not completely cured, though), and standing in front of my laptop made my eyes sore after two or three minutes. … Continue reading

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