The API has landed

The GtkRecent code is finally in gtk+ HEAD branch.

A couple of things are still missing, mostly documentation and examples (the exact list is here, if you want to check).

The code needed a year to take shape (I was beginning to mull over it a bit too much), but it is cleaner, more efficient and works better than the EggRecent code, that has been copied and pasted all around the world.

The heroes of this tale are undoubtedly: James Willcox, for writing the original code (even if he didn’t reply to my email about its state bad boy, bad boy); Federico Mena-Quintero, for listening to me while we were waiting at a terrible restourant in Stuttgart, and for saying: Go ahead, implement it, and everyone will love you!; Matthias Clasen (still no blog, Matthias?), for helping and suggesting and asking and for maintaining the Best. Toolkit. Ever.

This work is dedicated to my soon-to-be wife, Marta, and for the patience she had while I hacked till the wee hours of the morning. I love you.

And this is just the beginning… I sense bug reports coming…

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  1. Jesus! Great to hear this. I better test it out and compare the perfomance between GtkRecent and EggRecent. Prepare, bugs report to come ;)

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