Seems that I’m being syndacated… aggregated… whatever… on a Planet, so hi!

I’m starting merging the GBookmarkFile parser into my local copy of GLib’s HEAD branch (the tracker bug is #327662). I’ve created a testb suite and a bunch of invalid and valid bookmark files, in order to test it – and they actually helped me find a couple of stupid regressions that I had introduced.

Pending review of the patch by Matthias, the code should go in GLib first thing next week; once GBookmarkFile is in, the recent manager and the related widgets are due to go in the following days. Right now, I’m writing a patch for GTK’s HEAD branch – stay tuned for a tracker bug about it. Update 2006-03-27@00:31: bug #336121.

Whoa, just a couple weeks shy on a year since I began writing the Perl bindings for the egg-recent code – which is the reason that forced me to open that can of worms and where all the recent files rewrite really began. Never thought that it would take this long, or that it would take me this far. Well, actually I never really thought I had some chances of actually contributing something to the platform libraries at all.

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