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Finally, after a more then a year of testing inside CVS, Gtk2::SourceView made it to the public. This Perl module is a wrapper around gtksourceview, the C library used primarily by Gedit. I’ve began writing it in January 2004, after … Continue reading

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Scary Voice Over

Since last tuesday, I’ve done little to nothing on the “hack” side; I’ve began a little project in Perl that should resolve in a backup manager (it’s called Hudson), but mostly I’ve done some code polishing to the libegg/recentchooser code, … Continue reading

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T’ me, Yo, Ho, Yo, Ho, It’s "Talk Like A Pirate" Day! That time in September when sea dogs remember That grown-ups still know how ta play! When wenches are curvy and dogs are all scurvy And a soft-wear patch … Continue reading

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Cleaning up

life: after the “exam craze” (two in five days) that took the best part of the week, me and Marta have resumed cleaning up the house. Since I have moved in with her, there has been so much work to … Continue reading

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Using advogato (and my log), since I’m not on the Planet (yet). I’ve just read Daniel’s post, and since shame is a powerful drive, here’s my non-requested answer. I’m one guy – quite possibly, the only one – that switched … Continue reading

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hacking: That is, the GMarkup-based XBEL parser that should be used to parse “desktop bookmarks” (recent files, filechooser’s bookmarks, default locations, etc.) Today I’ve worked hard on the namespace parsing mechanism, and even though I feel like it’s a little … Continue reading

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Profiling GMarkup

Since I’ve been re-writing the XBEL parser in order to use GMarkup in place of libxml2, I’ve also felt the need to get some profile going. I’ve always felt that one of the biggest bottlenecks in the recent-files was its … Continue reading

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Today, Marta went to Trento to visit some relatives of hers, so I spent the entire day alone. I’ve studied for a while (I have a OS exam monday, mostly Linux-based on the case studies, even though the kernel shown … Continue reading

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