Scary Voice Over

Since last tuesday, I’ve done little to nothing on the “hack” side; I’ve began a little project in Perl that should resolve in a backup manager (it’s called Hudson), but mostly I’ve done some code polishing to the libegg/recentchooser code, following the notes about the API review sent me by Matthias Clasen.

During a chat on IRC, he also raised the point of the Windows MRU system, and how to make it work with ours recently used resources list.

So, tonight, with a little help from Christopher Lee, I sent an email with a strategy on the gtk-devel mailing list. I hope to get some feedback from the win32 people.

university: lessons began. I’ve already missed one class (the bus arrived already late, and built up some considerable delay on the way), but stayed until 16 to follow a Network Security class – which began with the teacher requiring us to read and discuss for the next time the six dumbest ideas in computer security – which I did already read beacuse linked on Planet GNOME some time ago.