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Growing Family

I’ve just finished including baobab, the disk usage analysis tool written by Fabio Marzocca (and others), into gnome-utils HEAD. Everything seems to build fine, and make distcheck has just confirmed that gnome-utils-2.15.0 is ready to be released. I plan to … Continue reading

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Feeling yourself disintegrate

life: In the past 24 hours I’ve had: a bad cold a sore throat some lines of fever water spilled on my laptop’s keyboard thus, a broken Ctrl key that would not disengage itself and, finally, a broken Ctrl key … Continue reading

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For the price of a cup of tea

Here’s a screenshot of testaction test showing the GtkRecentAction action for use with the GtkUIManager. The action is bound to a menuitem tag inside the UI definition markup. The code needs cleaning up and the hooking up of the GtkRecentChooser … Continue reading

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moving out: Marta has been in London a couple of times, in these two weeks; she has found a nice house in Crystal Palace, and began to buy furniture and stuff, and preparing it for us to move in. Next … Continue reading

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Davyd is absolutely right: steer away from any new-ish Epson printer you see, no matter how cheap they throw it at you. When I was living with my parents, I “inherited” an old StylusColor 760 – easily the best printer … Continue reading

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