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I’m back to London after the really amazing days in Vilanova. This year’s GUADEC has been really amazing: lots of interesting talks and great people to meet; there definitely was a great energy in the air. Kudos to everyone involved … Continue reading

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If there are any liferea developers at GUADEC, I’d like to have a few words about the key bindings used in your application – specifically why did you choose Ctrl+N for “go to new item” and why Ctrl+W doesn’t close … Continue reading

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The OH Gang arrived yesterday at GUADEC – just in time for my talk. I think that the tutorial went well – Clutter worked out of the box on the VGA port, which was quite a surprise. About Clutter: it … Continue reading

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Behold the power of Clutter! Clutter is a pretty raw user interface toolkit for building heavily visually applications for platforms such as media boxes and kiosks. It’s built on various GNOME libraries such as Pango and GObject, uses Gstreamer for … Continue reading

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A Sort of Homecoming

Sci-fi – I’ve ordered on the DVD box of the first (and last) season of Firefly and I think it really was a great show, where Joss Whedon really tried to follow the path of Isaac Asimov, and show … Continue reading

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Tap Dancing on a Mine

I’ve just released version 1.031 of the Gnome2::GConf Perl module binding libgconf. In this release, thanks to Laurent Simonneau, I dropped the Gtk2 dependency, making Gnome2::GConf depend only on the Glib Perl module (and the libgconf C library, obviously). Gnome2::GConf … Continue reading

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Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect

Today I finally did find time to work on gnome-utils. I applied a whole slew of patches that sit in my development trunk for almost a couple of months now, and that I tested locally. The first thing that went … Continue reading

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How Good It Can Be

Corey, why on earth should we switch from an entire set of system configuration tools written in Perl to another one written in Python? Just for the sake of Python? Just because there are more Python zealots^Whackers on GNOME than … Continue reading

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Saturday, Marta and myself finally went to choose the wedding rings. We asked to get engraved, after our names, the date of the wedding in a format of our choice, and we gave to the puzzled guy a note with … Continue reading

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