Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect

Today I finally did find time to work on gnome-utils. I applied a whole slew of patches that sit in my development trunk for almost a couple of months now, and that I tested locally. The first thing that went is is the speller widget for Dictionary; it’s still rough on the list of words it displays (no separation between results from different databases), but it works nicely: when you activate a row in the list it’ll only search on the database the word was found in. The spinner is gone – replaced by a progress bar in the bottom right of the status bar; still, the Dictionary looks like a web browser in my opinion. Maybe a more radical approach in the design of the UI is needed, or maybe I’m definitely on crack and this is how a dictionary application should really look like.

Dictionary 2.15.3

By the way, since 2.15.0 the “rounded window corners without alpha channel” bug has been fixed in the Screenshot application. I don’t remember if I wrote it in the announcements of the last release.

Thanks to Lin Ma, the System Log Viewer should Just Work(tm) on Solaris; also, thanks to Joe Marcus Clarke, many of the crashers on 64bit platforms should have been fixed. Kudos to both of them. The plan was to refactor and update the code-base, but I’m afraid it’ll have to wait.

Between GUADEC and wedding, I hope to find time to hack on System Log Viewer and Screenshot. Anyway, tomorrow I’m going to release gnome-utils 2.15.3, in time for the GNOME 2.15.3 dealine.

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  1. Out of curiosity, do the little drop shadows in single-window screenshots work? I always thought the drop shadows were a particularly nice touch in screenshots. Since I’m not planning to upgrade until FC6 comes out (or FC5 gets the fix backported) it’s not a big concern to me, but I do hope I’ll be able to get back the nice screenshots I enjoyed in FC4. :-)

  2. sure, they work on the old stable (2.12.x), current stable (2.14.x) and the current development release (2.15.x).

    you have to use the –border-effect=shadow command line argument or set the /apps/gnome-screenshot/border_effect key inside gconf.

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