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Stuck with me

guadec 2008: I’m late, but I wanted to thank everyone in the GUADEC team for making this edition of the conference really rocking. thanks to everyone. clutter: well, after the 0.8.0 release during GUADEC things have slowed down — but … Continue reading

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Small Stakes

Tonight I released version 2.17.90 of the GNOME Utilities package. It’s not just another release: it marks the end of the work on the interactive dialog of the screenshot utility: Now every command line switch is replicated on the interactive … Continue reading

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The Engine Driver

Here we are again with the Dictionary hacking; I left my development trunk with barely enough time to close crashers and brown paper bags patchs, and now I’m finally able to return working on it. Here’s an interesting bug, about … Continue reading

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Song for Sunshine

I just made two releases for gnome-utils: the first is 2.16.2, another release in the stable branch, which fixes a couple of bugs in Baobab and Screenshot that were also fixed in HEAD and deemed important enough to be backported. … Continue reading

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Special Delivery

I almost forgot – this should tell you how bad a maintainer I am ;-) – but Lennart’s blog reminded me: the ringchart code hit Baobab HEAD: The ringchart view is really nice – even though I still very much … Continue reading

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Rainbows and Pots of Gold

Of docked windows, bugs and the Dictionary applet One of the two major UI issues for the new Dictionary was the absence of the speller. Since that has been somewhat fixed, even if it still lacks some polish, I decided … Continue reading

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Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect

Today I finally did find time to work on gnome-utils. I applied a whole slew of patches that sit in my development trunk for almost a couple of months now, and that I tested locally. The first thing that went … Continue reading

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All You Want

this week end I decided to work full time on the dictionary; I ended up fixing a bunch of bugs and RFEs, namely no more dialogs in case of word not found a visual indicator of progress inside the main … Continue reading

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July, July

veronica mars: I’ve watched the season finale last week and it was awesome; the entire second season was awesome, but last episode was a blast. I’ll avoid any spoiler here, but really you should watch the show if you aren’t … Continue reading

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Growing Family

I’ve just finished including baobab, the disk usage analysis tool written by Fabio Marzocca (and others), into gnome-utils HEAD. Everything seems to build fine, and make distcheck has just confirmed that gnome-utils-2.15.0 is ready to be released. I plan to … Continue reading

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