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Love and Communication

For the Google Summer of Code, Vytas Liuolia wrote the (very much needed) guniqueapp library; just a small recap: libguniqueapp allows the creation of single instance applications, that is applications that gets instanced once and each subsequent instance just quits … Continue reading

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Special Delivery

I almost forgot – this should tell you how bad a maintainer I am ;-) – but Lennart’s blog reminded me: the ringchart code hit Baobab HEAD: The ringchart view is really nice – even though I still very much … Continue reading

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Mood to Burn Bridges

Whoa, really long time no blog. I can’t say I’ve been really busy with GNOME-related stuff: work mostly blocked me from doing much. After GNOME 2.16 I’ve released gnome-utils 2.16.1 containing a couple of fixes to Screenshot, and one of … Continue reading

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