Mood to Burn Bridges

Whoa, really long time no blog.

I can’t say I’ve been really busy with GNOME-related stuff: work mostly blocked me from doing much. After GNOME 2.16 I’ve released gnome-utils 2.16.1 containing a couple of fixes to Screenshot, and one of them was written by Ross; I’ve also released not one, not two but three versions of the Gnome2::GConf perl module wrapping GConf, two of them today, thanks to the awesome work of Laurent Simonneil, who provided two patches for fixing the schema objects handling and for wrapping the recursive unsetting in the Gnome2::GConf::Client class. Those two patches are what Laurent needed for creating a FUSE-based file system (written in Perl using the FUSE and GConf bindings) for browsing the GConf database.

You can find the latest releases of Laurent’s GConf-FS, as well as the latest Gnome2::GConf module release, on CPAN.

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