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When the Levee Breaks

Yesterday I decided to start working on the porting of the Gtk2::SourceView Perl module to the new upstream API. For my convenience, and because I know I’ll probably screw up, I decided to use a local git repository so I … Continue reading

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Going Mobile

At the end of this week I’ll be in Copenhagen for the Nordic Perl Workshop. I’ll give two talks about GNOME and Perl: the first one is about binding GObject-based libraries in Perl and using the Perl bindings in order … Continue reading

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Mood to Burn Bridges

Whoa, really long time no blog. I can’t say I’ve been really busy with GNOME-related stuff: work mostly blocked me from doing much. After GNOME 2.16 I’ve released gnome-utils 2.16.1 containing a couple of fixes to Screenshot, and one of … Continue reading

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Davyd, the GTK+ Perl bindings come with documentation in the perldoc format (which works upon man); each object has its unique perldoc page, so if you need to know all the methods of the Gtk2::TreeView widget, all you have to … Continue reading

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Tides that I tried to swim against

gtk-recent: For those who missed the mail on gtk-devel-list, language-bindings and desktop-devel: Unfortunately, when importing the GtkRecent API in GTK+ I made a mistake and these two functions have been erroneously left inside the GtkRecentChooser interface API: gtk_recent_chooser_set_show_numbers() gtk_recent_chooser_get_show_numbers() These … Continue reading

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Tap Dancing on a Mine

I’ve just released version 1.031 of the Gnome2::GConf Perl module binding libgconf. In this release, thanks to Laurent Simonneau, I dropped the Gtk2 dependency, making Gnome2::GConf depend only on the Glib Perl module (and the libgconf C library, obviously). Gnome2::GConf … Continue reading

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How Good It Can Be

Corey, why on earth should we switch from an entire set of system configuration tools written in Perl to another one written in Python? Just for the sake of Python? Just because there are more Python zealots^Whackers on GNOME than … Continue reading

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Feeling yourself disintegrate

life: In the past 24 hours I’ve had: a bad cold a sore throat some lines of fever water spilled on my laptop’s keyboard thus, a broken Ctrl key that would not disengage itself and, finally, a broken Ctrl key … Continue reading

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I’ve began working on a new build environment for Glib, Glib::Builder. Glib should use it, and provide it for Gtk2, Gnome2 and the other Perl bindings; well, hopefully, and when it’s finished, that is. It should also supercede not only … Continue reading

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There And Back Again

There (to Berlin) and Back (to work) again. Continue reading

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