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Gnome-utils 2.13.93 – “Asynchronous Beauty”

I’ve just uploaded the new beta release for gnome-utils, code name Asynchronous Beauty. Read the announcement, download the tarball, report the bugs!

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Next week-end I’ll be in Brussels, at this year’s FOSDEM. I wasn’t sure whether I’d be able to go or not – late flight booking and I had to check at two hostels before actually getting some place to sleep. … Continue reading

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Gnome-utils 2.13.92 – Gnome-utils vs. Bugzilla

This evening, before going to dinner with Marta at my parent’s, I did the 2.13.92 release of gnome-utils, codenamed Gnome-utils versus Bugzilla. Since we have approached the feature freeze, the UI freeze and now the string freeze, it’s mostly a … Continue reading

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This is a comment I left on Philip’s blog in response to Ross’ blog. question: what are we, third graders that we must do all this touchy-feely, “we must not make comments” stuff? ross’ comment was a bit on the … Continue reading

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Marta got accepted for a MSc at the LSE, and she’d really like to move to Good Ol’ London – with me coming along. So, in the next months I’ll have to find a gig in the UK: time to … Continue reading

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