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Happy new year!!!

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Feeling a little better, today: temperature steadily under 37°C, little to no headaches. I’ve hacked the last bits of the Add Source dialog of Dictionary, and committed away a bunch of other fixes, including one for a crasher spotted by … Continue reading

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As usual, I’ve got a flu at the end of the year. This really sucks, because due to the slight fever and the cold, I had to cut back hacking time; the re-write of the source dialog in Dictionary has … Continue reading

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On a IRC conversation, I was told that the Dictionary icon sucked. Thus, after having a look at the Tango Project and their beatiful icons, I fired up Inkscape and worked on another version of the icon: It still sucks, … Continue reading

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Gnome2::GConf 1.021

The “An Address Indicates Where It Is” release. New release of the Perl bindings for GConf, in time for the incoming GNOME 2.13.4 release. This version sports a bindings for the Gnome2::GConf::Engine::get_for_addresses method of the Gnome2::GConf::Engine class; this method allows … Continue reading

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Maybe this Christmas

Only a few minutes into Christmas, and a few hours before the traditional lunch and dinner of this day. In the last four days I feel like I’ve already eaten more than I usually eat in a month. On Tuesday, … Continue reading

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Fun with Cairo-perl

Just a little fun with the Cairo Perl bindings. The code is courtesy of the gtkmm tutorial, and can be found here. Update: since the original website went down, here’s the inlined version of the script: package Egg::ClockFace; use warnings; … Continue reading

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Sadism, Bestiality and Necrophily

Or “Flogging a Dead Horse for Fun and Profit” Spatial Nautilus. Again. Both Ubuntu Dapper and Novell Linux Desktop will ship with browser mode by default for Nautilus – now that browser mode got much love, enough to be usable. … Continue reading

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I’ve just committed my development trunk of the BookmarkFile and RecentManager objects. The former now supports custom icons for every bookmark inside the file, using the icon element; the latter, finally, supports group names for every recently used item. I’m … Continue reading

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If this is ever going to happen, then I expect a Unix-based Windows release within the next two years.

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