Sadism, Bestiality and Necrophily

Or “Flogging a Dead Horse for Fun and Profit”

Spatial Nautilus. Again.

Both Ubuntu Dapper and Novell Linux Desktop will ship with browser mode by default for Nautilus – now that browser mode got much love, enough to be usable.

While both Ubuntu and Novell, as GNOME packagers, are entitled to change as much as they wish to the applications’ GConf schemas, I think that upstream GNOME should continue to ship with the spatial Nautilus; changing now would confuse new users just as much as did when we shipped with spatial Nautilus – with the aggravation of swinging back and forth.

GNOME has made a decision of treating each “first class object” as a window itself: documents, folders, people. With the approaching of Topaz this will become even more true. The browser paradigm breaks this.

So, it’s fine if Ubuntu, Novell, Red Hat, and ${WHATEVER_DISTRO} ships with its own version of GNOME – they already rebrand it; but upstream GNOME is another beast entirely.