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Stuttgart here we come

Travelling: Tomorrow, after work, I’ll be leaving for Milan where I’ll pick up my girlfriend Marta, and then we’ll be heading Stuttgart for GUADEC 2005. Yay! Since Stuttgart is 500 kilometers (for youn non-metric-system people, roughly 310 miles), we’ll be … Continue reading

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Bookmark Spec

I’ve sent a draft for a desktop bookmark spec on fd.o, and it got reviewed – mostly by the KDE people, that got already a standard way of storing bookmarks across the desktop. If it reaches the common approval, I’ll … Continue reading

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Gnome Desktop Bookmarks

On Gnome Live there’s an ongoing discussion about recent files and bookmarks in Gnome. In the last two weeks I’ve been designing and writing a platform library for Gnome which addresses the points made on the Wiki, on Bugzilla and … Continue reading

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DBus Perl Bindings/3

It seems that my work on a D-Bus perl binding was duplicating the (excellent) work of Daniel P. Berrange. Not that I’m complaining: I badly needed to understand how D-Bus worked, and creating a binding was the fastest way to … Continue reading

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Guadec 2005

All set and done. After a bit of struggle between PayPal and my credit card, I filled the registration for this year’s GUADEC, that will be held in Stuttgart, Germany. Stuttgart, here we come…

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