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Dictionary Applet/8

I’ve finally been able to begin working on the new GNOME Dictionary widgets. While GdictEntry still has issues – related to the speed of word look up and the entry completion – and has already hit CVS, in the last … Continue reading

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I’ve just committed some code that should hopefully fix bug #172587 of the old recent-files code. The bug was hard to track down – and for it I do own a beer to Sebastien Bacher: it appears that older versions … Continue reading

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I’ve just donated to the GNOME Foundation. Not much (but since I got back to studying for this year, my <marketspeak>revenue stream</marketspeak> has really slowed down), but I plan to donate more money, aside from my time as a developer, … Continue reading

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Dictionary Applet/7

New week, new adventures Actually, the number of new adventures has been strictly limited by my birthday first, and by a strange feeling of drowsiness that lasted all week (and still lasts as I’m writing this). Probably, it’s due to … Continue reading

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0x19 years. Presents so far: Dancing Barefoot and Just a Geek by Wil Wheaton, from Marta (at midnight) money, from my parents and relatives (I love it) the new Back to the Future pack from my former high-school mates (we … Continue reading

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Dictionary Applet/6

The new GNOME Dictionary code has landed in CVS this morning! woot! I hope I didn’t fuck everything up – as usual when I’m dealing with CVS. viewcvs seems to be fine – and the tree seems to build. ATM, … Continue reading

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Dictionary Applet/5

Don’t you hate it when you arrive near deployment stage and you have to get back to the design table because someone makes you notice that the architecture you’ve very cleverly layed out has one fatal flaw? Well, to be … Continue reading

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Profiling GMarkup – Take 3

Yesterday, I was attending the GTK developers meeting and I was asked by Federico what performances the BookmarkFile parser yields. I replied: ebassi: f_lunch, I/O plays a big role. a file with 3000 bookmarks gets parsed in 2 seconds, more … Continue reading

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Dancing Barefoot

Marta, as an early (a week early) birthday present, bought me Dancing Barefoot, the first book written by Wil Wheaton. It arrived today, and I literally devoured it in an hour. Wil writes gorgeously. I found myself smiling, grinning or … Continue reading

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This has totally made my day. [doom] [doom+video+billgates]

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