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Company Calls Epilogue

Today I gave the final touches to a patch based upon the patch for search capabilities in the GtkFileChooser embeddable widget, adding the “Recently Used” shortcut: there are still a few missing bits (the icon for the shortcut is one … Continue reading

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Company Calls

Search support for the GtkFileChooser (#344785) landed in GTK+ trunk. It’s a patch written by Federico and updated by Matthias Clasen (I merely kept it in sync with trunk). The patch adds a private search engine abstraction object and three … Continue reading

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Down on the corner

VFS: Lennart, what you want is GVFS, which is being developed right now by alexl, has dropped the POSIX abstraction approach and it’s surely more portable than FUSE. And, most of all, has a sane API (for a change). For … Continue reading

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