I’m back to London after the really amazing days in Vilanova. This year’s GUADEC has been really amazing: lots of interesting talks and great people to meet; there definitely was a great energy in the air. Kudos to everyone involved in the creation and management of this great event: you really rock the world of GNOME.

I’ve put online the slides from my talk, if anyone wants to check them out: just PNGs, so you loose all the Clutter sexyness. I’ve also put on flickr the photos I took with my really crappy mobile phone.

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4 Responses to GUADEC/Back

  1. This small patch to opt improves the export filenames a lot (seems you also did it)

    – g_snprintf(name, 32, “slide-%i.png”, i);
    + g_snprintf(name, 32, “slide-%02i.png”, i);

    I’ve converted a presentation to PDF from the PNG export using the following command (ImageMagick):

    convert $(ls -v EXPORTDIR/slide-*.png) OUTPUTFILE.pdf

    The resulting files shows fine in the Evince presentation mode.

  2. Could you please also put the opt files online?

  3. ebassi says:

    wouter: thanks for the convert tip!

    marius: sure, they are here.

  4. Thanks, I can now see the spinning cube ;)

    BTW recent-files-scheme.png is missing from the source directory.

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